Melissa Osborn

This is where I put something witty about picking up a camera when my kids were born or about my passion of photography. But I'm kinda boring.

The truth is my dad taught me about camera settings in the backyard using his hands, when I was 12. I've been toting around some form of a camera ever since.

A frustrated artist my whole life, photography is where I create.  Through the lens of my camera is the only way I soothe the artistic ache. Drawing only gets stick figures, painting is limited to my kitchen cabinets (and they are only half done, HELP!) but hand me a flash and a camera and my mind spins with ideas. I'm creepy in public because I'm watching strangers and how the light hits their face. My brain concocts these photo shoots that my wallet can never pull off (do you know how much it is to rent a Delorean?!) but with the help of Goodwill, magic happens!


Jesus, my Harley-riding-husband, my 3 kiddos, sand between my toes, international travel, cheap sunglasses, ferrets, SNL & S'mores
The cold, warm beer, road rage, long division, the "should I cut my bangs" conversation, haters, & pulling weeds.






Image by the amazing Eric Lyons

Image by the amazing Eric Lyons